About us

About Caydre

  • Caydre is a SAAS recruitment platform for employers and job seekers.


For Companies

  • Caydre automates candidate screening and reduce hiring costs. Companies manage their entire frontline sales staff recruitment on Caydre. They evaluate, engage, assess, decide, and manage the entire process.


For Candidates

  • For candidates Caydre is their personal job seeking portal for sending and managing their job search. They take control of their recruitment.


How Caydre Works

  • Caydre flips the recruitment process. A unique CaydreProfile visual profile standardized for every candidate. Candidates do not submit profiles. They answer a series of questions and their CaydreProfile emerges. The questions that help the candidates prepare their CaydreProfile are interview questions. They take a psychometric test to self-assess their nature, values, and potential, and selling skills. and a video interview.
  1. Questions
  2. Psychometrics tests
  3. Situational interview questions
  4. Interviews
  5. Positioning/ranking
  • When a recruiter reviews profiles, all profiles are standard, all profiles have key questions answered, and this speeds recruiter evaluation.
  • Employers review CaydreProfile, connect with the candidates and take decisions fast, all on the platform.


What is Caydre

  • Caydre is a recruitment platform focused on recruiting frontline sales staff of retail, F&B, hospitality, banking, insurance, and pharmaceutical sectors.


Value of Caydre

  • Caydre is created based on deep experience and understanding of frontline staff sales recruitment. The current process takes time (20 people recruited for 100 applications), is mentally taxing (requires understanding lots of different information in different CV formats), and meetings that last a few minutes. However, the impact on sales performance is extremely high. In a Google income model, imagine if sales productivity increases by 2 or 3%. This will directly impact the bottom line! Plus, sales staff attritions are often in the 20-30% range requiring continuous engagement with potential candidates. Caydre solves all the problems.
  1. Standardizes CV formats (makes comparison easy)
  2. Embedded psychometric test in the profile
  3. Interview recording integrated with the profile doing interview and review asynchronous
  4. Platform pairs candidate to the sales job profile


Basis of Caydre

  • The Caydre exists to ease and make efficient the process of recruiting frontline sales staff and is based on empirical research which suggests the predictive ability of psychometric tests for frontline sales staff. The innovation of the two-sided platform flips the CV process on its head. CV is a tip of the iceberg with 90% of the information below water. The profile preparation process makes the preparation process and interview process, the flip. With standardized profiles, comparison, evaluation, and selection become extremely fast and efficient.