CaydreProfile – A Stand Out Profile for Ready to be Hired Frontline Sales and Customer Service Staff

A Caydre Solution for Candidates Desirous of Working in Frontline Positions in the Retail, Hospitality and F&B Businesses.

We make you stand out

A CV is an important document to open doors in a candidate’s job search.
All CV formats look alike. The CV has to standout for recruiters to take notice and pay attention to understand.

Caydre created CaydreProfile to help you.

Make an instant impact

We ensure that an Applicant’s CaydreProfile grabs a recruiters’ attention from the second he opens the CaydreProfile. CaydreProfile has the title of an applicant’s ‘Life Story’ on top followed by key milestones of their professional journey.

Free service for applicants

Caydre helps you make your CaydreProfile. Making a CaydreProfile is a free service for applicants. Caydre pushes applicant profiles to recruiting companies. Applicants can also send links of their profile to companies.

Process of making CaydreProfile is easy

Making a CaydreProfile is easy. Caydre guides applicants with simple questions. It takes 45 minutes to prepare and perfect a CaydreProfile. With competition for jobs high, being strategic, clever and purposeful when preparing CaydreProfile works in an applicants favour and helps Caydre fulfill its reciprocal promise to get applicants hired fast.

While we were creating CaydreProfile we encompassed in it the best principles of what a CV should have from an employer’s perspective. These are summarized below:

1. CaydreProfile helps applicants identify their goals and interests
As applicants prepare their CaydreProfile Caydre helps them define their goals and interests. We ask applicants title their CaydreProfile ensuring that recruiters get a cryptic grasp of the applicant. This gives the profile focus. It becomes stronger and ensures that applicants are heading in the right direction.

2. CaydreProfile is designed to look good
Recruiters often skim read profiles to find the information they need. In order to make this easy for them, CaydreProfile clearly is divided into logical sections with bold headings, consistent spacing, and even borders.
Formatting and text/font are consistent and neat. The profile can be easily viewed on a computer and also on a mobile or tablet device.

3. CaydreProfile is easy to read
Each characteristic of the applicant that is relevant for employment is given space on the CaydreProfile. The key summary is brief for easy understanding. The recruiter can burrow deeper into the background details, as needed.

4. CaydreProfile is customized for front line sales and customer service positions
CaydreProfile matches an applicant’s background to job specifications.

5. CaydreProfile highlights applicant’s skills and abilities
CaydreProfile has a snapshot of your relevant skills, which a recruiter will want to see. CaydreProfile asks applicants to respond to simple questions and as the answers are written, the skills and abilities are populated.

6. CaydreProfile helps applicants identify their achievements and contributions to demonstrate their value
The focus of CaydreProfile is on - what an applicant did, what they achieved, and what difference they made. Emphasis is on quantifying the achievements with figures, percentages or turnover to substantiate statements. CaydreProfile asks applicants to respond to simple questions and as the answers are written, the achievements are populated on the CaydreProfile.

7. CaydreProfile helps identify an applicant’s interests.
The emphasis is on understanding a person’s drives - curiosities, motivations, and passions. These too are achieved by asking applicants to respond to simple questions and as the answers are written, the interests are displayed visually.

8. CaydreProfile will be flawless
The CaydreProfile preparation ensures that your profile will not have spelling and grammar errors.