Caydre ReadyBench – A Talent Bench of Ready to be Hired Frontline Sales and Customer Service Staff

A Caydre Solution for Retail, Hospitality and F&B Businesses

Strength of Talent is a Great Predictor of Business Performance. Caydre helps you Hire the Right Person, Fast. Reduces Cost of Hiring. Takes the Challenge away of interviewing 100 and recruiting 20. Makes Frontline Staff recruitment as easy as going to a Supermarket.


After interviewing countless candidates over the years, I learnt the best approaches to hire new members of my team. To find creative, efficient, and effective team members, I was first required to see the ‘real’ candidate through the résumés and then through practiced interview questions and answers.

Overtime I also learnt to empathize, put myself in the shoes of a candidate looking for a job, to gain insights on what they were thinking about what the interviewer was looking for in a candidate. 

I decided to create Caydre using my experience.

Caydre is a better way of hiring the right person.

  1. Caydre conducts creative interviews to understand how a person thinks, a person’s goals and motivations, and a person’s natural strength - a skill or ability that comes as naturally as breathing, etc.
  2. Caydre uses simple questions to profile a candidate to help them reveal their true and reliable self.
  3. Caydre helps candidates identify their nature and traits that benefits them in their ability to learn and achieve business goals.
  4. When you need staff Caydre pushes the CaydreProfile of identified candidates to you to review, shortlist and select.

The goal of CaydreProfile is to reduce guesswork from hiring and accelerate hiring when the need arises.

Reduce Guess Work from Hiring

  • Normalize candidates on similar characteristics
  • Eliminates recruiter fatigue
  • Eliminates hiring on instinct
  • Focus on nature and traits linked to job performance
  • CaydreProfile Interviews use creative questions to encompass all talents of candidates
  • CaydreProfile is built by candidates writing responses to questions. This gives clearer picture of how they think and work
  • Candidates use their own time to respond to questions (except the interview). This ensures that every person gets adequate time to describe themselves.

Accelerate hiring

  • Caydre pre-assesses candidates
  • Easy appraisal using CaydreProfile, a visual profile
  • The CaydreProfile structure of all candidates is the same. This makes evaluation and comparison of candidates easy
  • CaydreProfile is the persona, attributes of the candidate
  • Video interview is a part of CaydreProfile.

Caydre Standardizes the Job Interview

Interviewing for frontline sales and customer service roles in retail, hospitality, banks, insurance and pharmaceuticals is a ‘rapid’ affair of some predictable standard questions in a conference-room setting using a, a perfect résumé and standard questions – Why do you want a sales job? Where do you want to be in five years? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What do you consider a failure and what did you learn?

After adding some small talk, that lasts about 5 to 10 minutes, the interviewer feels that the candidate seems good, and an offer is made, keeping fingers crossed that everything works out. And if a few month later, the new hire is unable to meet sales numbers or achieve budgets you start looking for a replacement spending little or no time wondering what went wrong in the hiring process.

What Caydre doesn’t do

Scanning résumé for keywords.

Making the CaydreProfile

Instead every applicant to make a CaydreProfile. CaydreProfile is a visual profile made in …. steps. The following image of CaydreProfile shows the questions answered in each section.

The CaydreProfile is made in thirteen steps. The following table identifies the steps

Steps Portion of CaydreProfile What the action of the applicant achieves for the recruiter
01 The title of my life story The candidate gives a title to his/her CaydreProfile.
02 How I got here A graphic representation of four key milestones
03 Where am I in my life Current position of the applicant in his personal and professional life
04 My personal goals Where does the applicant wish to reach?
05 What I like doing Applicant’s hobbies
06 What I do well Applicant’s competencies
07 Languages I know Applicant’s linguistic ability
08 My Interests Applicant’s interests
09 My Potential Applicant’s potentials
10 My Values Applicant’s values
11 My Sales Acumen Enterprising nature of the applicant
12 My Personality Applicant’s nature
13 My Interview Video interview

Candidates take 45 minutes to prepare the CaydreProfile.