Hire Better, Faster

Teams - in sports - always have a 'deep' bench of players who are used to replace injured and unavailable players.

Caydre is a bench of accessible talent for immediate hiring. We call it a bench of pre-qualified and assessed candidates. Caydre uses technology and analytics to create

Caydre saves time-to-hire, and gives companies higher and consistent quality staff at a moment's notice when the need arises.

Caydre save costs and time by using technology and analytics to manage the hiring funnel.


Caydre Value

  • Caydre speeds hiring


What it is

  • Caydre is a repository of candidates - ReadyBench
  • Caydre does the hard work of testing, interviewing and shortlisting candidates.


Value Proposition

  • You need ten candidates. Caydre gives you ten tested profiles. No need to meet fifty and shortlist.
  • You save time.
  • Caydre helps manage staff attrition uncertainty with evaluated candidates.


What Caydre Does

  • Caydre evaluates candidates using validated assessment tests
  • Caydre presents graphic profiles and video interviews of candidates. The profile - CaydreProfile - is designed to speed understanding of the person, what they can deliver, and potential.

Save Hiring Costs and Time
with ReadyBench.

Short Hiring Funnel with Caydre.
Jump-the-queue with Caydre to
Get Hired Faster.

Hiring Funnel without Caydre.
More Candidates. More Time,
High Cost per Applicant.

Value of for Companies

Identify What Matters

Insight into critical sales and
services traits with

Give Candidates Flexibility

Interviews can be completed anytime, anywhere.

Return Time to Managers

Hiring managers become more productive with and hiring dashboard.

Enhance Employer Brand

Create a modern candidate hiring experience.

Reduce Time to Fill

Accelerate hiring with pre-assessed candidates.

Consistent Decision Making

The technology and analytics that underpin produces consistent hiring decisions.

Hiring Dashboard

Dashboard with information to manage hiring decisions.

How it works


Describe your opportunity

Describe your Staffing Needs


Caydre Presents Candidates

Caydre presents of candidates.


Evaluate and Engage with Candidates


Offer, Hire, and Track